Elopement photography and films sure are an adventure, here are some tips to make them even better.

It’s not often you get to feel like the most special people on earth, so embrace it, and remember it, with an elopement shoot!


Now you can have just photos, just a film, or both - I of course always recommend both. An elopement shoot is such an amazing opportunity to follow your dreams for the day, go somewhere beautiful, get excited for your wedding day, get weird and wacky!

I personally love shooting alternative boho style weddings and elopements in natural light, so for me the freedom of an elopement shoot means we can plan the shoot together, and come up with some really great ideas.

I absolutely love taking my camera gear, having a shoot in mind and just getting out there and creating - to make sure you have something you can cherish even before you are married.

Elopement shoot tips.

  • Accessorise - wear that hat that you think is too wacky for public, put on your favourite suit and mustard trainers, wear whatever THE HECK you like. You want to look back on that video when you are both old and grey and think how quirky and cool were we!

  • Grab your favourite boozey drink, and your favourite songs, I will have speakers with me to play them, it will make the whole experience much more relaxing and fun, trust me.

  • Go somewhere remote! Going somewhere remote really emphasises the bond you both share, with noone else around to detract from it. It also means that not only will you feel more comfortable, you will likely choose somewhere thats natural, outdoors, and a beautiful setting for a video.

  • Shoot at dusk for that beautiful golden hour scene. One of my favourite spots local to me is Delamere forest, where you can get amazing dappled light even in the middle of the day, and even better at dusk. The video below was shot entirely in Delamere forest, Cheshire.

There’s tonnes more tips, but we can talk about that when we meet. That’s the other great thing about an elopement film/photos - you get to meet your wedding photographer or filmmaker!

I hope this has helped, and don’t be afraid to get in touch if you want to talk about an elopement/pre wedding shoot - I can offer a 50% discount on Elopement shoots when you purchase a wedding day package ⚡⚡⚡