Should I go for a pre wedding/elopement style shoot?!

Why you should consider an elopement pre wedding shoot.

I get it, you’ve booked your photographer or videographer for your wedding day a year in advance, and you’ve ticked it off your list. PHEW.

That’s great, it is definitely an important part of the day and well done for getting it done (the most important in my eyes but I am biased).

But here are some things to bare in mind.

You may not have met your photographer yet, and you have enough to think about on your wedding day to worry about whether you made the right choice. A pre wedding shoot is an amazing way to meet them, to have your mind put at ease that you get on well with them and can feel far more relaxed on the day. I know that I personally love shooting elopement videos and photos because it gives me time to get to know the couple without all the busyness of the wedding day.

It gives TONNES of time for you and your photographer/filmmaker to get creative. I love shooting weddings I honestly do, but for me an elopement shoot tops a wedding day quite often. You aren’t bound by any time constraints, or location, or roles. If you say “we want to wear all yellow and go and shoot a quirky video in the woods at dusk” then I will say “I’m in.”

I wanted to keep it pretty brief for you, but I cant recommend enough trying out an elopement film/photoshoot before you book your photographer or filmmaker. If you want to chat to me about your ideas for an elopement shoot, get in touch!

Here’s my most recent elopement teaser for Naomi & Callum.