Medium Format Film Photography

Ursula for Jadore models

Ursula for J’adore models

Shot on Mamiya medium format.

London hustle

London Hustle.

Shot on Portra 160, Mamiya 645.

Manchester Hue

Portraiture on Sid Raphael.

I love the detail from this camera, it’s just something else.

Neals Yard

Neals Yard.

Absolute hipster heaven, I mean seriously.


I love you, Like it.

I love the couples walking past this screen of romantic cliches, totally unaware.

Film photography..

Digital cameras are awesome, they really are. They make a professionals life easier, with all the fancy technology that comes with them, and they are only getting better.

There’s something special about film that is hard to put your finger on though. Maybe it’s that you have to wait for the negatives to be developed, you don’t know what your shot is like until that has happened, sometimes weeks later.

Maybe it’s that it takes more thought to compose your shot, and that makes you think about what you are actually hoping to capture, not just an image, but hopefully a small story.

Maybe it’s that you only get 15 shots or so on a roll, so you want to make every one count!

Anyway, I absolutely love shooting on film. I have a medium format Mamiya 645, and for me it’s the best storytelling tool I have.

I hope you enjoyed some of my shots from it.