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I’m really passionate about capturing wedding days a certain way. I don’t like to be intrusive, I think the most special moments are the ones that are genuine and not forced. I believe that your wedding is an adventure and it should be captured as such. That’s why I try to capture your wedding day moments in a subtle, alternative and unobtrusive manner. You’ll barely notice I’m there on the day, but it will seem like I was everywhere when you get your wedding photos.


I also specialise in shooting on Medium Format film alongside my digital camera, as it gives a certain romantic timeless feel to your wedding photos that digital just cant quite compete with!

It’s entirely possible, and likely, that your wedding day will be one of the most significant moments in your life. That’s why, whether its through still images or a film (or both), I want to create something for you that you will look back on and cherish the same way you do as with your own memories of the day, and hopefully your great grandchildren will too. I aim to create something that isn’t just coverage of the day, but an artistic endeavour to capture the real emotion that happens.


Optional Extras

  • An extra photographer (a fantastic award winning photographer who I regularly collaborate with)

  • Next day photo and/or video post so you have something to get excited about

  • Pre wedding elopement shoot

  • Selections of bespoke prints from the worlds highest quality art printers

Extras aside (as they do come at a further cost) it’s nice to know that if you do decide to have me there on your wedding day - whether its photography or film, I’ll make sure I’m there to capture every special moment, with the best gear (ask me to chat about my gear and I may chew your ear off), and that the day ends with you knowing that there are a tonne of amazing images on their way to you soon. There are lots of things to talk about when considering a wedding photography package or a wedding film, so it’s really best if we can talk over the phone, or even better in person, so feel free to get in touch, it would be great to chat.


Check out Lee & Lezandris’ elopement film here..


Before you choose me as your wedding photographer, or filmmaker (or both!) you are more than welcome to give me a call and get to know me a little and discuss your wedding plans. I love alternative Boho style weddings, the wackier the better! If you want to see more examples of my wedding photography or film work, you just have to ask - as I don’t post all my work on here so as to keep things user/web friendly.