I shot some film. This is an ode to the Mamiya 645Pro.

I recently purchased a Mamiya 645 Pro. It shoots medium format film, and I love shooting with it.

I don’t necessarily love the price of the film, and I definitely don’t love how some hipster film labs try and charge £30 to develop and scan one roll, but I do love the process, and the image it produces.

Shooting film I think, although very cliche, forces you to think more about what images you are taking.

At present, I have 6 rolls of film sat in my bag waiting to be developed, and have a only developed one (my first) roll of colour - a portra 160.

I am looking forward to getting tonnes of film shots, at the woe of my bank balance, and uploading them as my go. So if these are of any interest whatsoever, then stay tuned.

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