Create, Create, Create.

Let’s start with a quote.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

I know what you are thinking - damn that’s a cheesy cliche way to start a blog. Agreed. But the point rings true, you’ll know if you have ever been stuck in a creative hole yourself. You try and shrug it off, but our modern visually stimulating culture wont allow you to. You’re eating your cheerios, in your onesie, flicking through instagram, and thinking damn these people are creative, how and why would I even try and compete with them when they are already owning what I am striving for creatively.

So today, a friend and I - put up a paper backdrop in my lounge, worked with what sunlight we had creeping in, and tried to shoot some things we liked. Neither of us are good infront of the camera, we didn’t have an expensive studio set up, and both of us are far more comfortable shooting on location and in natural light. Hence why we thought - lets challenge ourselves to do something we suck at.

I took a few lessons from the experience. Firstly - I enjoyed the process. I realised that when you first throw yourself into something new - part of you (or at least me!) wanted to throw in the towel immediately and give up after the first few shots that I didn’t like. But persevering and thinking - we may not nail this technically, but lets at least try and capture our subject with an image that displays a bit about who they really are.

Secondly - I want to spend a lot more time in a studio. Some of my favourite photographers do most of their work in a studio setting, and I need to spend some serious time learning the craft.

Thirdly - I had a really fun day, we decided we were just going to focus on a few key aspects of our photography - composition and the overall feel or mood of a shoot.

* kit used included a canon 5d mark IV, 50mm 1.8, and a glass prism

Hope it’s not been too monotonous reading, here are some of the shots to reward your patience. Peace x