Working with other artists and growing an organic network of like minded creatives.

Now this might be a little controversial, but this post will be totally word heavy. 


I like to think that my blog posts contain pictures I've taken that relate to the surrounding text, and short of me putting up a picture of me holding hands with lots of other artists I admire and have worked with, I can't think how to justify popping in images in this post. So no images, there I said it. Done.

But do please keep reading. 


I think something we are generally wary of as artists is the notion of sharing. What if we have something we think defines our style. A certain technique, the way we use a bit of kit, the holy grail to our success so far as an artist. What if we share that with someone else and they not only have their own repertoire of skills and techniques but now ours to add to it also. 

I think the main thing that holds us back as artists is not about being outperformed by other artists with a separate set of practices or skills. It's not necessarily even a question of talent, technical know-how or experience - although these things are obviously very important. Its that notion of trying to get ahead on our own, afraid to ask others for help. Maybe through envy, maybe through pride, maybe countless other reasons. I believe this practice of not involving other artists who we think may be a threat to us is damaging to all of our journeys as creative artists.

The truth is that the greater the number of like-minded creative artists we have in our network, whether that's people in a separate field to you or someone who may share the same role as you, the better off we are. 

I have recently just moved back to Chester after living in Cornwall and traveling for nearly ten years. It has been somewhat difficult to find other photographers, models, designers etc to collaborate with. But its slowly happening, and I'm excited. Because working with other people to create something that you are all passionate about is an amazing feeling. 

I remember stumbling across a blog post via Instagram a few years ago, created by a girl called Rachel Dicioccio. I messaged her and recommended we should have a chat as I thought her work was fantastic and in keeping with my own style. That little chat created something more than we thought it would. In the year or so that we worked together, we were featured in Vogue and Conde Nast Brides for our wedding photography, we photographed for Rolls Royce, we traveled Italy with our cameras, and much much more. It was all an absolute blast that we wouldn't have done independently.

What I'm trying to say is that next time you are afraid to reach out, re route that train of thought and face your fear. Collaborate. Create.

Thanks for reading. 

As a reward for finishing, I have gone back on my word. Here is a shot of me taken by Rachel on one of our assignments. The assignment was to try and make me look cool on my motorbike. My modelling career began and ended that day. 

Cheers, Jonny x

Jonny Noakes on Custom Motorcycle Cornwall