Lets Create Something.

Double exposure

Here’s a funky double exposure to get your attention.

Hopefully it worked, now you have to put in some brain time and pay attention below..


The checklist..

Here are some things that we should agree on before continuing.

  1. Whatever you want to do, do it the best you can. For me, that means telling your story in the most visually appealing, emotive, and honest way possible.

  2. Mutual respect. We are in this together, to create something amazing - so let’s get to know not only the vision you have that you want me to help you capture or create, but also each other, so that we can make sure we are on the same page and enjoy the process.

  3. Have fun! Life is an adventure, and that should be mirrored in the process of creating something together. If you don’t have fun doing it, something isn’t right!


An investment on your behalf, and mine.

I will invest my time, my hard work, all my expertise, all the technological wizardry (yes wizardry) I have at my disposal. You will need to invest very little time (or lots if you wish to), but also the dreaded M word. Obviously, I love creating things for the pure enjoyment of creating, but I do have to charge some money too.

The best way for us to work out whether we are on the same page budget wise, is for you to use the get in touch page (link below) and tell me about yourself and your story, and I can provide you with a price that fits you specifically.